Charles Newey

Computer scientist, developer, human.

About Me

Hi there! I'm an MSc Data Science student at Southampton University with a particular interest in data-driven areas of computer science; machine learning, computer vision, search systems, and a whole bunch of other stuff. These days, my primary focus is on big data/machine learning/data science, but I am also interested in (and enthusiastic about) devops and software engineering. In my free time, I usually tinker with a side project (or four), including; making picture mosaics (pictures composed of other pictures), running a FreeBSD server, using amateur radio to communicate with the International Space Station, building Weasley Clocks with Arduino, making silly JavaScript games, and modelling silly mathematical situations with kludgy Python scripts.

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to work on interesting projects at some exciting places, including streamlining the log monitoring pipeline in the IT-DB group at CERN with popular devops and big data tools, including Hadoop/HDFS, Logstash, Puppet and Elasticsearch. I have also spent 12 months at a software engineering placement at CEDA, building data visualisation and search tools, such as this high-performance flight data visualisation tool using Elasticsearch.

I blog infrequently, take photographs occasionally, and try to make a habit of doing interesting things with my spare time.

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