Charles Newey

DevOps and Data Science, Python geek, 75% genetically similar to banana.

Hi! I'm an MSc Data Science student at Southampton University with an interest in data science, visualisation, devops, and a whole bunch of other stuff. My primary focus is on big data and machine learning, but I have also had devops and software engineering roles in the past. In my free time, I usually tinker with side projects, including making picture mosaics (pictures composed of other pictures), using amateur radio to communicate with the International Space Station, building Weasley Clocks with Arduino, and kludgy Monte-Carlo modelling with Python.

I've recently had the opportunity to take part in exciting projects at some great places, including streamlining the log monitoring pipeline at CERN using open-source big data infrastructure. I have also spent 12 months at a software engineering placement at CEDA, building data visualisation and search tools, such as this high-performance flight data visualisation tool using Elasticsearch. I often put my code on GitHub, and try to make a habit out of blogging, too - to limited success.