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Aberystwyth Extreme Weather

The wind is incredible today; reports of up to 100mph wind speeds! Aber and the surrounding area is effectively shut down – cars are rocking in the street, people are falling over, and tiles are falling off rooves like no tomorrow! It’s quite fun to go outside in though.

Group Project Android App

So, I suppose I should update what I’ve been up to during the last few weeks. The last semester was incredibly hectic. With the combination of several concurrent programming assignments, looking for an industrial placement for the next year of my degree, working on a group project to design an Android app and website that, and various other things, last semester was a real slog. The programming assignments last semester were tough; harder than anything I’ve done before, but also more interesting and more satisfying to complete.

Stargazing on South Beach

Today, I was testing my new lens - the Nikon f/1.8G 50mm AF/S. I bought it for a couple of reasons, but mostly to feed my stargazing habit of late. These are without doubt the best star photos I’ve ever taken.